Lebo is nestled in the heart of eastern Kansas surrounded by lush prairie, fertile grain fields and wooded river valleys. Truly a land of subtle beauty, the landscape can be mistaken for uninteresting until one gets out of the car and looks around. An ever changing array of colors exhibited by plants and sky greets the senses every day of the year.

The regions geology is called the Osage Cuestas. The Osage Cuestas region occupies nearly all of eastern Kansas south of the Kansas River and is characterized by a series of east-facing ridges (or escarpments), between which are flat to gently rolling plains. Cuesta, Spanish for hill or cliff, is the term geologists use to describe ridges with steep, cliff like faces on one side and gentle slopes on the other. The steep faces of the cuestas range in height from approximately 50 feet to 200 feet.

To the west, the Osage Cuestas give way to the Flint Hills. This vast expanse of tallgrass prairie also looks, to the traveling public as a collection of grass covered, treeless hills. If you get off the beaten track though, you will find that each square yard of this prairie is home to numerous grasses and prairie plants. The heart of the flint hills hosts drinking water clear spring fed streams that run full all year long.

The weather is….well, the weather is Kansas weather through and through. If you want the same nice weather day in and day out you might move to Hawaii. If you want variety, move to Kansas. Most days the weather is tolerable and some days are downright gorgeous. The sun shines 320 days a year (on average) and the best thing about the weather is that it is free! We haven’t got a bill for one of those nice days yet.