Lebo’s Downtown Streetscape project and future development plans community meeting

Plan to attend the community meeting on Tuesday, July 24th at 6 p.m. at the Lebo Community Building, located at 320 N. Ogden, if you would like to hear about…

  • The time line for the current downtown project
  • Design of the sidewalks, benches, street lighting and other improvements
  • Additional Phases that will provide more new sidewalks, lighting and other improvements
  • Provide ideas for other amenities you would like to see the city purchase to enhance the looks of the downtown area

Streetscape starting July 9th

This project will involve the sidewalks and curbs of the downtown area being replaced. At times, parking and access to businesses will be limited.

We ask that you please be patient. The construction will cause an inconvenience for both businesses and consumers.

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