County Wide Cleanup Week

Clean-up week is April 16th through April 21st. County citizens can take items to the landfill, free of charge, all week. The City of Lebo will pick up large unwanted items on Monday, April 16th. Contact City Hall to be added to the pick up list.

Welcome to Lebo, Kansas!

There are a lot of things we would like to tell you about Lebo. If you live here, used to live here, have visited or simply have never had the pleasure, settle in and take the tour. We are a quiet, full service, family oriented town. Population? About a thousand. Where in the world are we? Click on the welcome sign below!

Click on the contents above if you want a tour of some of the bright spots of our community. We also provide a window on business opportunities and the business climate in Lebo and Coffey County. Enjoy and come back often for updates!