Area Fishing

Some of the best fishing in eastern Kansas is at Lebo’s front porch! Give some of the spots below a try.

Lebo Fishing puts you in the middle of it all! With four major Kansas reservoirs and the Catfish heavy Neosho river just a stones throw away, you can try the Lebo lake for large “farm pond” action if they’re not biting at the big lakes. Or better yet, start your day at Lebo and branch out! And don’t forget – Trout fishing at the Kids Pond during the winter!

Lebo City Lake

The City of Lebo, with the cooperation and financial assistance of the Coffey County Commission and grant funds from the Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks, renovated and rebuilt our city lake in 1997. The Lebo City Lake is open for public fishing throughout the entire year. State laws require fisherman 16 years of age and over to obtain a state fishing license.

Kids Pond at West Park

All children 15 years of age and under can fish the pond located at “Ye Olde City Park” . The pond is closed to fishing each January to be stocked with trout. Trout season opens February 1st and runs until April 30th. All ages (regardless of residency) can angle for Trout after purchasing the proper licenses and a City trout stamp. Trout Stamps can be obtained at City Hall or Lebo Lumber. Other species in the pond include Channel Catfish, Walleye, Largemouth Bass and Crappie.

Melvern Lake

Although they call Melvern a “Lake”, it is actually a major flood control and water retention reservoir. Nearly ten miles long from stem to stern, it features most everything one would want in outdoor recreation. The Melvern Lake Sundance Area features Boat launch and camping facilities. The Sundance Area is a mere 3 1/2 miles north of the Lebo city limits via paved county road. Melvern Lake was built in the early 70’s by the U. S. Army Corps of Engineers (Kansas City District).

Coffey County Lake

The Coffey County Lake is the cooling lake for the Wolf Creek Nuclear Power Plant and is open for public bank and boat fishing. This lake is approximately 15 miles southeast of Lebo. This lake promises to be a monster fishing spot as soon as the anglers get it figured out. The lake was full by 1984 and not fished until recent years. It has been (and is) stocked with various game fish to keep a balance and to keep the gizzard shad down. If the shad get out of hand they can clog up the plant intake because they are slow swimmers.

John Redmond Reservoir

John Redmond is just across the road from Coffey County Lake (about a mile west). John Redmond is fed by the Neosho River and was constructed in the early sixties as a flood control dam. Burlington, just a mile or so below the dam site, has billed itself as the “Catfish Capitol of the World”. Rainbolt’s Bait Shop (now closed) used to put pictures of the big Cats that were caught up by the door. This is big game country folks! We’re talking fifty and sixty pound Cats. Even if you don’t catch one of the big ones, there are enough medium sizers to fill your freezer!