Water Supply

The water supply for the city comes from Public Wholesale Rural Water District #12 treatment plant at Melvern Reservoir. The City has contracted to purchase 2 million gallons per month with current usage averaging 1.8 million gallons per month. The city is guaranteed up to 4 million gallons per month.

Wastewater Disposal

Approximately 95% of the current wastewater flow to the holding lagoons is gravity fed. There are three lift stations provided for current needs that cannot be gravity fed. Two lift stations are in use full time. One serves a residential development on the northwest side of town and one serves the industrial/commercial area on the north side of town just south of the interstate. The third lift station only operates in the summer months to support the swimming pool. The wastewater holding lagoon consists of four cells totaling 12 1/3 service acres. Approximately 400 homes currently connect to the sewer system, utilizing 60% of the lagoon system.


Lebo’s initial growth centered on the railroad. Lebo presently straddles the BNSF intercontinental mainline from Emporia to Kansas City. A modest rail yard with three existing spurs can accommodate rail service to local customers. The topography of the area adjacent to the railroad would allow construction of additional spurs for industrial development.


I-35 on the north side of town and Old Highway 50 on the south side present extraordinary opportunities for residential, business and industrial transportation needs. Lebo’s growth potential is enhanced with these highway transportation facilities in place.